Friday, April 22, 2016


It's a rainy day here in Roseville and it seemed like a good day for writing, so that's what I'm doing!
I used to use writing as an outlet when I was a teenager since it's so cathartic, and have a huge box filled with journals.  
I find myself needing an outlet like that more and more these days, and what better place to do that than with this blog?
As a mom, so much of our lives are wrapped up in the kids, so sometimes we get overlooked, which is why I'm writing about me today.  Selfish, I know, but it's my blog so I do what I want.
A huge part of my life lately has been Weight Watchers.  I started last July and as one lady on Connect puts it, I've failed my way to losing 15 pounds.
Sometimes I beat myself up over that number, but I know I'm human and I haven't given up which is huge.
I've *tried* other diets before, mainly counting calories, but I never followed through, usually stopping after a few weeks.  I'd have a bad day and eat more than what I was "supposed to" and throw in the towel.
Weight Watchers is the only thing that I've EVER stuck to, and nine months and some change later I'm proud of what I've accomplished.
The main reason I joined is because I really felt like I needed to learn how to eat, if that makes sense.  Counting calories only takes you so far.  What I love about Smart Points is the points are calculated using fat, calories, sugar, saturated fat and protein.  Foods that are lower in points are actually better for you, sustain your energy and keep you fuller longer.
The people behind Weight Watchers are right, calories don't tell you the whole story.
I beat myself up over the fact that I've only lost 15 pounds because I know I'm not always entirely honest about tracking my points, and I have a tendency to snack at night and not record it.
I only get 30 points a day, which isn't a ton of food, peeps!  But I'm slowly learning ways to efficiently pack those points in.
I still have 20 pounds to go, and I will get there!  
I love meetings, and I think a big part of that is my awesome leader.  I really picked a good day and time to go.  She is funny, engaging, caring and very motivating.
I also love that my mother-in-law attends with me, which makes it even more fun!
Weight Watchers is a huge lifestyle change, and sometimes it's hard wrapping my brain around the fact that if I want to stay at a healthy weight this is the way I'll be eating for the rest of my life.  But it's completely doable.
I've also been working from home a little bit, freelancing for a local lifestyle magazine.  It's pretty awesome because I get to pick what I write about, usually light feature stories about businesses and mom life.  My other baby has been my Perfectly Posh business, but if you want to know more about that, visit  I've been doing a lot of Facebook parties, which are super fun, and I'm hoping to do some vendor events in the future.
I love being able to work from home because I love staying home with my kids, but I found myself needing something outside of them to call my own.  
I'm still trying to figure out how to strike a balance between working from home and keeping them entertained, so if anyone knows, clue me in ;-)
I hope everyone is enjoying this rainy Friday!  Bye for now!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

St. Patrick's Day with little ones!

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day before kids came along used to be a somewhat straightforward affair.
Gather up your friends (or squad, which I think is what the cool kids are calling that these days) and toast with green beer, either out at a bar, where they dye it green for you, or at home, which is what my circle of friends and I usually did in my twenties.
It didn’t matter if it was on weekend and you got to sleep in, or on a weeknight, which meant you had to stumble through work the next day.  You were drinking beer, either green or Guinness, on St. Patrick’s Day, end of story.
Yeah, it doesn’t really work that way once you have kids, especially ones that are three and under.  There are still middle of the night wake-ups and even earlier mornings.
We might be able to sneak in one green beer, but I’m so tired from these last three years that even half of a beer puts me to sleep for the night.  
Though I’ve since retired my frosty beer mug, St. Patrick’s Day is definitely still a fun holiday.  
Having children seems to breathe new life into holidays we’ve gotten used to over the years, mostly due to their excitement coupled with the endless crafts, activities and recipes listed on Pinterest.
Now that my kids are old enough to do crafts with (well, maybe not the 2-year-old since he still eats PlayDoh) I thought a leprechaun trap would be fun way to get my kids into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit.
I need to preface this by saying I’m totally not a Pinterest mom.  If you look at the photo of the leprechaun trap we made, that will be apparent.
The inspiration for our trap came from a blog on the Kix Cereal website.
But honestly, your kids don’t care.  All they know is glitter glue is super fun to use and construction paper is a hoot to cut.  Seriously.  My three-year-old will entertain herself for a good hour with a pair of toddler scissors and construction paper.  Cheapest activity ever.

The great thing about leprechaun traps is you can make them out of items you already have around the house.  We used a cereal box, cotton balls, construction paper, glitter glue and regular glue.  For the “bait” we used Lucky Charms cereal and some pennies.
Side note: the Lucky Charms are also a great topping for cupcakes.  We made green cupackes, topped them with whipped cream and then the cereal, which made for a festive treat.
This was an awesome activity for a Sunday afternoon, especially since my whole family was battling a cold.  The instructions are below, but really, the possibilities are endless.
I think the best part was hearing my daughter mispronounce it and ask me if I “made daddy a contract.”

Leprechaun Trap

Materials needed:

cereal box (or a cracker box will do)
red, orange, yellow, green and blue construction paper
cotton balls
gold glitter glue
white glue or a glue stick
a wooden dowel (or a pencil)

  1. Take the cereal box and cut off the top flaps.  Cut the bottom of the box off, and then cover the outside of the box with green construction paper.
  2. Remember the bottom of the box you just cut off?  Cover that in glue and then stick the cotton balls all over it so it looks like a big fluffy cloud.
  3. Cut off a strip from each sheet of construction paper.  Glue them together.  Each one will be overlapping another, to make a rainbow.  
  4. Glue your rainbow to the bottom of the cereal box, AKA your cloud.
  5. We used the glitter glue on the rainbow, drawing circles with the gold glitter and then filling them in so they looked like coins.
  6. Prop the cereal box, green side up, over the cloud with the wooden dowel, and tie a string to the dowel.
  7. Put your bait under the box and wait for the leprechaun!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Last week was a big week for us, as our little lady started preschool.
We enrolled her in the same preschool her cousins went to, which is actually part of our local high school's Family and Consumer class.
Her teachers are a bunch of high school students who are interested in future careers of working with children.

It has actually gone a lot better than I was expecting.  When I say that, I mean she actually let me leave the first day without any tears!!
She just saved her crying for AFTER I left the school.
I got a phone call on the first day, about an hour before school was supposed to be out (school is only two hours, three days a week) from the teacher in charge of the preschool program.
The teacher said that Lucy was having a rough day, and was crying for me sporadically during the day.
I guess she was fine when she was allowed to free play with toys, but when it was time for structured activities, like circle time and art, she cried.  Which I thought was slightly funny because of course she's going to cry for me when she's told to do something she doesn't want to do. o_0
While I didn't have to come pick her up, the teacher gave me the option to do so, which naturally I did because I felt bad that she was so sad!  I ended up picking her up 20 minutes early, which is not bad for a first day.
The next morning, the teacher assured me that the crying was normal and that they are happy to work with her.  I guess the only reason she called me during the first day was because she didn't want me to come pick Lucy up and then be told at pick-up that she cried.  She asked if it was okay to not call unless she's inconsolable and then just tell me whether or not she cried at pick-up, which I'm fine with because hello, she's going to have to get used to school eventually, so why not start now?
All in all, it's been a pretty positive experience so far.  She's excited every morning when I drop her off and tells us everything they did that day during school when I pick her up, and she asks to go to preschool every day.
And I'm excited to go grocery shopping with only one kid.  And Target.  And the post office.
Because we all know errands with one is way better than two!

Monday, June 1, 2015

It's June already?!

It's June already, holy crap!!
I think I have been waiting for summertime to get here since probably February.  It doesn't get super cold here but it's nice to not have to wait until mid-morning to head out and play.
It's finally starting to warm up a little bit, so I'm sure I'll be complaining in no time about how friggin' hot it is outside.
I think I'm most excited about summer time being here because it means that there will be barbecues and swim dates every weekend from here until September, and having something to occupy my crazy little toddlers is huge in our household.
This weekend we went to the local water park and then to a cookout to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday.
I have no pictures from those events, but here are some of what we've been up to.
Andy built the kids a playhouse, Jackson has learned to walk and climb recently, we had a blast blowing bubbles at the local farmer's market and Lucy started her first gymnastics class.
Happy June 1, everyone!  It's my favorite month of the year!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

If I make it out alive...

I swear I will laugh about this stuff when she's older.  Or probably even next week.
Today has just been one of those days where I am a second away from dropping f-bombs all up in here to blow off some steam.
I decided that we would stay home today so I could focus more on potty training.  We've been using Pull-ups for the past few weeks but the people on the Internets are right, she's not uncomfortable when wet because it's like wearing a diaper. 
So I bought training underwear in hopes of helping her learn that peeing your pants sucks and makes you feel gross.
I think we are on pair number four or five today. Instead of telling me she has to go, I get, "Uh oh, change the diaper!" or "Uh-oh, pee!" and then I look over and her pants are soaked.
It's progress, though, because I know soon she will probably tell me she has to go instead of telling me she went.
But being housebound has made me cranky.  We usually head out for an activity in the morning.  That way, she is worn out, ready for lunch and ready for a nap instead of like today.
After taking her pee for the zillionth time, we headed out, Jackson, dogs and all to play in the front yard before lunch.
Which was cool, until it was time for lunch.  Because that meant going inside.
Cue the running across the yard screaming "Play outside! Play outside!" which meant mommy had to spent extra time coaxing her in the house like a dirty cat that needs a bath.
While I was making lunch, three time-outs were given for spitting water all over the floor twice and then running to her bedroom with a fork just because I asked her to give me the fork.  She grabbed it off of the counter, I asked for it which apparently means run like a bat out of hell even though running with a fork is a bad idea.  But she doesn't know that.
When she was done with lunch, she hucked her placemat across the table, which connected with my glass of water, spilling it all over the floor and Brody.
The cherry on top was when I had refilled my cup of water, and she decided to pick it up, walk to the other side of the table and dump the contents all over the floor.
So naturally I called Andy and begged him to come home with chocolate.
Now she is sleeping after minimal fuss.  I guess being a badass is tiring.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

That one time I got blood all over the post office

See also:  That time Steph made an ass of herself in front of a bunch of strangers.

I will admit, most of the time I psych myself out about really dumb things to only discover it's really not as bad as I thought (like going to a new grocery store with two kids under three.  I know.  I really over thought that one.)
And going to the post office with a two-year-old and a 10-month-old should have been one of those things, had I actually thought more about it.  In the past I hadn't been to keen on dragging them to the post office, but since we live in Roseville now, and said post office is walking distance from a park and a library, we make a fun little outing of it now.
I needed to mail a humidifier tank back to the manufacturer because I ordered the wrong box, and you would think with all of the Amazon Prime ordering my family does, we would have a box that would fit it, so I could just print up a postage slip and mail it from home.
But seeing that I like cute things, and the tank is shaped like a frog, of course it wouldn't fit any boxes we had.
So, I had to visit the dreaded post office.  Now, even before kids, I never really visited the post office a lot, nor had I mailed a ton of packages, so I didn't really know how it "worked."
I thought they would find a box for me and package up my froggy tank.
When we rolled up to the post office, Jackson had been asleep for a few minutes.  Since he'd been fighting a nap for most of the morning, I decided I would wear him and put Lucy in the stroller.  You know, because I thought they would box up the tank.
Right away, it's super awkward because I have Lucy in the double stroller since we were planning to walk to the park afterwards, and the post office is tiny.  I mean, I could have pushed it into the post office and bowled over a few elderly patrons and some bubble wrap.
So awkward mom of the year I am, I see an employee in the lobby and meekly hold up my tank, saying I need to find a box for it.
The guy pretty much held my hand through the whole process.  I'm a 32-year-old woman who doesn't know how to mail a package.  They should really teach that in school.
After trying to fit it in several boxes, we finally found one.  The post office guy asks if I need tape, and I say yes.  I set the tape and my large box down on their tiny little table, and ask Lucy to hang onto the tank.
Watching me awkwardly fumble at folding the box (since I have a 23-pound sleeping baby strapped to my chest, which makes most things tricky) he offers to tape the bottom of the box for me.
I put the tank in the box, he hands me some bubble wrap, I stuff it in the box and give the extras to Lucy because she loves bubble wrap.  I know, plastic and a toddler, and all of those warnings about this not being a toy, but I'm right there, hello.
Being the person that I am (the can't ever ask for help person) I attempt to tape the box shut.
As I'm pulling the tape down to cut off a piece, my finger comes down on the jagged cutting blade and leaves what looks like a tiny little shark bite on my finger.
Being that it was my finger, though, of course it starts to profusely bleed.
All over the box, all over the table, all over the stroller, all over the floor.
Basically, I am just flinging blood all over the place everywhere I go.
I tell the poor, confused employee that I cut myself, not because I'm mad about it, but because I want him to know his post office lobby has basically become a haz mat scene.
He relocates me over to another counter so I can finish filling out my address sticker.
Now, I should pause here and say that the stares and whispers on the part of the other patrons had already started when I walked in with my enormous stroller and started taking up the post office dude's time.
The stares and whispers pretty much tripled as soon as the blood started flowing.  Some of them were of the sympathetic variety, but there were definitely some judgmental ones going.
As soon as my package was taped and ready, I had multiple offers to cut in line to the front.
But being that a) I wasn't sure how I would navigate my stroller to the front without taking anyone out and b) I already felt bad for making a spectacle, I headed to the back of the line.
Of course that was a mistake, because Lucy was done with her snack.
I had to endure hearing "Go to the park?" and "Turn around, turn around!" and "Get down, get down!" for the remaining ten minutes we were in the post office.
Props to the sympathetic lady behind me, who has a 3-year-old but was smart enough to visit the post office while he was in preschool.
The nice man in front of me, after offering to let Lucy hold his mail, offered again for me to go ahead of him, so I sighed and did it.
Next time, I'm going to Kinko's.
End scene.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Old house love

I took a totally unintentional break from blogging this past month, but I'm pretty sure it had to do with, oh, I don't know, moving.
We've been living in our new house for three weeks now, but today marks the day that the Lincoln house is no longer ours.  
I had a mini-meltdown this morning when I realized that it was Nov. 1, and yesterday was the last day it was ours.
Andy and I did some cleaning over there during the week, and I made it maybe two hours into cleaning without crying over some memory I had.  I think I was in Lucy's room, and realizing that someone was probably going to paint over her mural made me pretty sad and then it was all over from there.
I like to say that I(we) grew up in that house.  It was the first house we bought, and we spent most of the time we've been married there.  We brought Brody home to that house, we had so many parties and shenanigans, and then we brought each of our babies home to that house.  That house will always have a special place in my heart.
Enough with all of the sappy shit, though.  How about a trip down memory lane?
 Ahh, my graduation party.  We later found the "baby" behind the TV.

 Dirty Scrabble was born at this table.
 And who can forget the adult pinata party?  We stuffed it full of miniature bottles of booze, quarters, candy and poppers.

Aaaaand our very first Halloween party, where Jeff (left) dressed up as Scott (right).
 We brought Lucy home here!!
 And Brody.

 We made Cake Pops...
 And brought Cartman home!

 And had six Christmases...
 And five Halloweens (two of which I remember, hee hee).
 And we brought Jackson home here!
Goodbye, old friend.  You were a really good house, we were very lucky to have you!
(There were so many more pictures I could have posted, but as you can see, I have two little children, and ain't nobody got time for that.)